Gold Level

Verification Date

24th December 2021

Identity Document Used

Driving Licence and Government issued ID Card

Document Verification Process

Photographs of front and back of document. User selfie and video of user taken during verification process

PEP and Santions Check

No matches were found from PEP lists. No matches were found from Fitness probity lists. No matches were found from Sanctions lists

2 Identities Verified

Multiple Team Members in Project


Project Overview

WasteInfonet is the first company that uses garbage and waste and transforms it into very valuable information to make decisions, it also uses the benefits of the DEFI space and the benefits that Blockchain offers us today, something that has never been designed before in the crypto space. With a product that has two parts, an APP interconnected with an intelligent database, with a scanning device, data storage, an integrated multiple wallet, plus a central platform with a protocol that allows to achieve a total, secure and automated Interconnection, with technologies designed in networks, allowing in this way to use all the available technology, such as Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, managing to generate and transfer information like we have never seen before. In each home located in a certain country, city or town, its owner will be able to scan the barcodes of each product that he discards daily, and through his mobile phone, store this information and transfer it to our Smart Database, receiving rewards that They will be automatically sent to your wallet for the work done. Later, our platform will carry out the processing, classification, filtering systems and thus finally be able to concentrate all the data and send the information, therefore, companies will be able to make decisions and greatly increase their profitability. We have ready the product APP + Smart Database for to be launched just in the presale, We added amazing features in our Smart Contract allowing investors obtain profits and users of our product scanning the garbage while we work on more adoption. We are a revolutionary team.

TOKENOMICS OF THE PROJECT: WIF – WasteInfonet Platform is an BEP-20 token, The price of the Token WIF will be set up in BINANCE SMART CHAIN. The Total WIF Tokens issued will be 500,000,000.- The Total Hardcap will be defined. The Total Softcap will be defined. TOTAL SUPPLY WIF – TOKEN ISSUED 500,000,000.- Special reward features will be added before the token sales. DISTRIBUTION OF TOKENS & CHARACTERISTICS: • Along with lower fees and faster transaction times, Binance has become the the best option four our time, low fees, low gas, and a growing chain. The tokens used will be BEP-20 from the BSC – BINANCE SMART CHAIN. WIF tokens = are limited and belong to a deflationary economy, AND THEY WILL BURN AFTER COMPLETE STAGES IN THE ADVANCE OF THE PROJECT. Presale 60% Presale with 70-80% to LP Team 20% Reward Pool 20% The use of the funds collected after the token sale, will have the following destination: • 60% will be sold in the Presale with 70-80% to LP • 20% will be assigned the WasteInfonet Team – Platform and Connectivity, including salaries, software programmers, marketing and support (Team), legal advisors, registrations fees and Others. • 20% will be assigned as Reward Pool, with allocations, in order to give rewards at the “scanners” and “players” both helping to create a bigger Database.

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