Unvaxxed Seamen

Silver Level

Verification Date

5th January 2022

Identity Document Used

Government issued ID Card

Document Verification Process

Photographs of front and back of document. User selfie and video of user taken during verification process

PEP and Santions Check

No matches were found from PEP lists. No matches were found from Fitness probity lists. No matches were found from Sanctions lists

1 Identity Verified

Multiple Team Members in Project

Unvaxxed Seamen

Project Overview

You know the meme “Unvaxxed sperm is the next Bitcoin”?

That’s exactly what she said in 2021.

The meme started with a sign created by an Australian protester and spread like wildfire as a humorous manifestation of people’s demands. The media ran with it, and tried to turn the worlds misery into a laughing stock. We are here to get the last laugh and the greatest laugh.

2022 is right here, and Unvaxxed Seamen is already more than just a meme.

We are a crypto project that builds a health freedom ecosystem to will allow people to work, communicate, and enjoy life without fear-mongering or coercion.

Our roadmap includes gaming, social, dating, and gig economy apps, educational projects, and a lot more.

We’ve built a dedicated team packed with diverse talent, and our tokenomics is designed to fund even the most ambitious ideas.

Unvaxxed Seamen are here to get things done.

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