Satin Token

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Verification Date

14th January 2022

Identity Document Used

Driving Licence and Government issued ID Card

Document Verification Process

Photographs of front and back of document. User selfie and video of user taken during verification process

PEP and Santions Check

No matches were found from PEP lists. No matches were found from Fitness probity lists. No matches were found from Sanctions lists

2 Identities Verified

Multiple Team Members in Project

Satin Token

Project Overview

Satin is a utility cryptocurrency token built on BEP-20 token standard on Binance Smart Chain which aims to provide decentralized means of payment for Real Estate assets, Fintech solutions and also other tangible and non tangible assets or services thereof. It’s main function is to act as a purchase token for real estate. We are also exploring ways to make SATIN available for purchases in the metaverse. The current stage of the project is running bounty and giveaway campaign with an upcoming Initial Coin Offering taking place on DxSale in February 2022. Future plans include launching the SATIN marketplace – various objects only purchasable with SATIN and developing SATIN’s own blockchain.

Initial supply: 45,000,000,000 (45 bln.) Selling out to community: 70% Burn reserve: 15% Marketing: 3% Advisors: 3% Developer portfolio: 9% SATIN has been designed to stand out in the crypto currency world through intricate tokenomics and tools for price stability and its holders safety. The built-in features of SATIN aim to generate long term price stability and even take inflation into consideration. While it aims to be as as stable as fiat currency, its utility and portability will be unmatched.

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