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19th December 2021

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Passport and Driving Licence

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Photographs of front and back of document. User selfie and video of user taken during verification process

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One Heart Platform

Project Overview

We introduce the One Heart Platform, a fully decentralized E-commerce protocol built with public blockchain infrastructure and other decentralized technologies. The One heart Platform will allow sellers from around the world to distribute goods and get paid directly from customers. The One Heart Protocol will comprise of the following components:

1. A decentralized storage solution and ledger for sharing and purchasing products

2. A Product encryption scheme paired with a programmable mechanism to lock and unlock content

3. An efficient token-specific economy powered by the Marley token ($MRLY), 3rd-party stablecoins, NFTs and future Platform tokens.

4. A decentralized community, whereby customers, fans and sellers are awarded for interacting with the platform, using the platform and holding the coins. We are currently at the development of the platform stage.

Cryptocommerce, developers/Advisors 3 Year Vesting- 1.1 billion tokens locked for 2 years unlock in 3rd year with 12 consecutives payments.( Highlight the long term vision for success of the developers.) Early backers, angel investors 18-month vesting- 1.1 Billion tokens locked for 6 months then unlock equivalently in the consecutive 12 Months. (Rewards angel investors and early backers with early access to their tokens) Technical 12 month vesting – 1.1 Billion tokens locked for 6 months and then unlock equivalently for 6 months. ( CEX exchange listings, platform creation) Marketing 18 month vesting – 1.1 Billion tokens locked for 6 months then unlock equivalently for 12 months. (Proper marketing, advertising and broadcasting of our product and its uses to buyers and sellers.) Community/Outreach & charity/ incentives/ Rewards 18 months vesting – 1.1 Billion tokens locked for 12 months then unlock equivalently for 6 Months. (Allows us to grow our community and contribute to the well being of every creature on the face of the earth.) Total tokens Vested for 1 to 3 years = 50% or 5.5 billion Tokens Repurchasing plan Every Quarter 15% of the profits will be used to buy back 30% of all MRLY tokens and burn them. Until only 7.7 billion MRLY token remains. Funds Usage From the 0.25% transaction fee, 40% will go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the platform, 10% Reserve emergency fund and 50% will go back to the wallets of the Marley holders on the One heart platform.

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