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Investors FAQ

What is Nanuqe?

Simply put Nanuqe is a platform which is designed to provide added confidence for an investor who is looking to invest in a crypto project. It is designed to help reduce the possibility that the project they are investing in is a scam. We do this through providing thorough Due Diligence on the Developers of a project in order to vastly increase the chances that they are who they say they are. 

Why check that Developers are who they say they are?

If a developer or development team reveals themselves and tells the investor who they are how do you know that they are telling the truth? It is quite easy these days to create a fake profile (including such things as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts) in order to try to provide a fake reassurance that the development team is now known to the investor and therefore should be trusted. Investors of course like it when a development team are not anonymous as this gives a level of reassurance that there would be some accountability if a scam then took place. The Nanuqe system goes much further than just having the development team tell investors who they are. In order to be listed on the Nanuqe platform a developer (or development team) must provide Nanuqe with their government identification and a self image (selfie) so that our system can verify it is authentic. This is done by checking that the image on the provided government identification matches the self image and then by checking the government identification against known government databases (including criminal databases). This then very much increases the chances that the developer is who they say they are.

How can I trust that Nanuqe's Due Diligence system works?

Nanuqe utilises a bespoke system from one of the industry leaders in Due Diligence and documentation checking. This system is also trusted by Blockchain, TransferGO and Mintos (to name just a few). With the ability to check over 9000 different ID documents in 190 countries and 36 languages we have most situations covered.

Is it possible that a project listed on Nanuqe could still be a scam?

Well put it this way, if a developer is giving Nanuqe false identification then it will be flagged by our system. Once it is flagged by our system then the project will not be allowed onto Nanuqe. If a developer provides Nanuqe with documentation that is valid but comes back as having previous criminal activity then once again that project will not be allowed onto Nanuqe. It is quite likely that the kind of people who engage in scams are not upstanding citizens and may in all probability have a previous criminal record. If a developer provides Nanuqe with valid identification and is shown as being all clear on the criminal database then it is likely that they are trustworthy and genuine in their desire to create a project that investors would be interested in. 

So while it is still possible that a developer that has provided their own genuine government identification (and had it checked on a criminal database) could still be intent on undergoing criminal activity, it would be unlikely that this would be the preferred practice of someone intent on committing a crime.

What if a project then turns out to be a scam?

As developers require genuine Government issued identification documents to list their projects on Nanuqe, Nanuqe will work with authorities requesting assistance in any criminal investigation by making this information available to them.

Developers FAQ

What is Nanuqe - as a Developer?

Nanuqe is a first of its kind opportunity to prove to Investors that you are who you say you are. Through using the Nanuqe platform you are creating an extra level of trust between yourselves and investors. Building this bridge of trust will help in lowering the impact on your work of having to reassure nervous investors that your project is not a scam. It shows that you are going above and beyond in wanting to create a good foundation of trust at the very beginning of your project.

Why should I use Nanuqe?

There are two situations when using the Nanuqe platform will be beneficial as a developer (development team). 


Firstly, in the case that you intend on releasing your identity anyway then the Nanuqe platform is another tool you can direct investors to (or investors can find out about your project from in the first place) in-order to show that you are decent, trustworthy people.


Why is this important? Well, if you look at it from an investors point of view then it is fair to say that investing in new crypto token projects can make them nervous. There have been so many scams recently and the problem is only going to proliferate as more and more blockchains become available for the creation of tokens. Investors are aware how easy it is to create a fake social media platform, or fake online persona, so that even if a team is doxxed the investor still cannot be sure they are who they say they are.


The Nanuqe Identification Document Due Diligence system and platform helps to prove you are legitimately who you say you are. Through using Nanuqe you have given investors another valuable tool when evaluating your project. There should be a considerable saving in the amount of time that you need to spend on social media groups (such as Telegram) defending yourselves and your project from scam accusations and targeted FUD.


Secondly, we recognize that there are legitimate reasons that a developer, or development team, would not necessarily want to reveal who they are to investors immediately. Sometimes legitimate projects do fail, and it may be that the developer wants a bit of time to make things work without fully revealing who they are. In this scenario Nanuqe still helps build trust with potential investors.


Through using Nanuqe’s Due Diligence system we can verify to investors that, although they don't know who you are, you have told Nanuqe correctly who you are and that you have used legitimate government Identification to prove it, as well as having no known previous criminal history. As in the first scenario when investors are asking you to reveal who you are (in order to build trust for themselves) you can tell them you aren't ready to do so at the moment, but you have used the Nanuqe Due Diligence system to prove you are who you say you are.


Nanuqe will also be launching the ability to use Banner Ads on our site. These Banner Ads will only be available to projects which have proved themselves through the Nanuqe Due Diligence system. They will be a way to help promote your projects to potential investors when they visit the Nanuqe website to review projects. Investors will of course either choose to look at the Nanuqe system initially (to find projects that have been listed on the platform in-order to help them allocate their investment resources) or look at Nanuqe as guided to do so by yourselves to confirm that you have gone above and beyond the regular project and confirmed your identity.


Beyond this as Nanuqe continues to grow we will be adding on more and more features to allow genuine projects to really build bridges of trust with their investors.

If it helps you can think of Nanuqe as a trust bridge building platform (a kind of Kickstarter for crypto projects). It is a platform that could help bring added investment to your project, whilst at the same time lowering your workload in proving you are trustworthy. This will allow you to concentrate on the important business of building your project.

What is the cost of using Nanuqe?

Nanuqe offers three levels of verification:

Bronze: Our basic verification of a single developer. Developers Government issued identity document checked for fraudulent documents and checked against criminal databases. The cost is $99.

Silver: Bronze level plus verification of one developer developer interview and whitepaper check. The cost is $199.

Gold: Our most thorough verification. Bronze and silver levels plus thorough developer interviews, tokenomics review and project feasibility study. The cost is $399. Please note: All DXSale projects must select Gold to list on the DXSale platform.

Additional developers will be charged at US$50.

Nanuqe reserves the right to remove projects from the site if we receive compelling evidence of previous misconduct from developers on previous projects. 

Nanuqe does not provide refunds once work has started on verifications.

The next cost, if you choose to use it, is the Banner Ad system. A Banner Ad is sold for one day at a time with the cost being US$150.00 per day. Frequent users of the Banner Ad system will be able to benefit from a discount system that will be discussed after 14 days Banner Ads have been used. To re-iterate since the main purpose of Nanuqe is to help promote valid projects and reduce scams then only projects that have been through our Due Diligence system will be eligible for Banner Ads on the Nanuqe platform. 

How does your identity verification work?

Nanuqe uses Banking standard Biometric and Document Validation checks that confirms a person's identity against valid Government issued ID document such as Passports and Driving licences.  The verification process can validate over 9000 ID documents from over 200 countries in 36 languages.


The process is quick, simple  (used by Banks and most Crypto Trading platforms) and involves taking a picture of your ID and a selfie. The system then confirms whether the ID document used, is genuine or not. Once confirmed genuine, the system utilises AI to search thousands of databases to match the identity with the ID document. 

What information can we put on Nanuqe?

The more information you put on Nanuqe, the more confidence you build with investors. Nanuqe does not limit what you would like to present to investors, as long as you are happy to share, the more information/documents you share, the more confidence investors will have in your project.