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10th January 2022

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Passport and Driving Licence

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Photographs of front and back of document. User selfie and video of user taken during verification process

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No matches were found from PEP lists. No matches were found from Fitness probity lists. No matches were found from Sanctions lists

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Bit Rivals

Project Overview

Bit Rivals is an upcoming eSports tournament hosting and creation platform with a feature packed gamer ecosystem, powered by the non-deflationary $RIVAL token. Get rewarded for playing your favourite games, compete in tournaments, form your team, connect with new players, mint your own NFTs, earn passive income, and more. We feel that crypto gaming is often too inaccessible and doesn’t focus on games that players want to play. We are introducing a new play-to-win and play-to-earn model that rewards gamers for playing games that they already play. Our ecosystem and smart contracts will interact with all the top games, including games such as Valorant, League of Legends, CS GO, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and more. Gamers can earn rewards for winning tournaments or simply for playing their favorite games through our rewards system. We plan to combine all of this into one ecosystem with web dapps, a downloadable desktop app, and a mobile app. Holders will be able to swap their tokens, stake for high APY, or contribute to liquidity farms on Rival Swap. They will be able to participate in tournaments on the Arena platform using their Rival ID, which will also give them access to multiple features such as play-to-earn, prestige and rank, team creation, a social system, and VOIP chat between gamers. A mobile app will provide holders all these features at their fingertips plus the ability to hold their tokens directly in the app when it transitions to full wallet functionality.

$RIVAL is a utility token with a 1 billion total supply, 25% of which is allocated to presale and 10% to the initial liquidity pool. 40% of all existing $RIVAL tokens are locked in a staking vault and will be slowly distributed to holders over time who either stake $RIVAL or provide liquidity to the $RIVAL-$BNB pair. Every transaction in $RIVAL bears a small 1% fee which is automatically redistributed to the $RIVAL Reserve wallet, which is used to fund rewards for gaming tournaments and the play-to-earn system for massively-multiplayer games.

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