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Welcome to Nanuqe

A platform aimed at transparency for Crypto investors and Founders of Crypto projects.

Validate the Teams behind Projects

Projects listed on Nanuqe go through a vigorous Due Diligence process which will confirm the identities of the members behind the project.


Transparency is the goal for Nanuqe. All findings of our due diligence process will be available to crypto investors for free.

Increase Investor Confidence

Listing projects on the platform that have been through our rigorous Due Diligence brings confidence to investors.

Increase legitimacy of crypto projects.

There are many legitimate projects that are being overlooked as a consequence of scam coins/tokens flooding the market.

Investor or Project Founder?

See how Nanuqe brings together Founders and Investors to create a trust bridge platform

Mission Statement



Through the ever changing digital asset landscape.



By using new technologies and techniques when appropriate.



With our Blockchain project partners and clients in an honest and timely manner.

How Nanuqe Verifies


Validate Founders/Developers Identities

Government issued documents only

Over 9000 ID documents validated from over 200 countries in 36 languages.

Confirmed Identity

Identity confirmed by utilising AI and thousands of databases to match identity to the ID Document. 

Device and Network Analytics

Device and Network used for verification analysed for hundreds of parameters.

Criminal database search

Founder/developer details searched against global criminal databases and PEP sanction lists.

Continued Monitoring

Validated Founders/Developers will be continuedly monitored against global criminal databases and PEP sanction lists.


Prevent Fraudulent Documents

All Government ID Documents checked

All documents checked for forged, counterfeit, blank stolen, camouflage, imposter and compromised documents.

Fraudulent Documents Reported to Authorities

Founder's or developers using fraudulent documents to validate their project, will have their documents sent to the relevant authorities if requested.

Government issued documents only

Only Government issued documents such as Passports and Driving Licences are acceptable for validation.


Whitepaper's reviewed

Whitepaper Reviewed

Whitepaper's reviewed before listing on Nanuqe.

Whitepaper Summary

Whitepaper summaries are included in the project details.


Signed Confirmation Documents

Signed Confirmation Document

Signed Document by the project founder stating confirmation of information provided

e-signatures legal in the United States

ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).  

e-signatures legal in the European Union

The Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) makes any type of e-signature legal and enforceable. 

e-signatures legal in the Rest of the World

Documents adhere to legal standards on a country-by-country basis. 


N.B All DXSale projects require Gold to launch on the DXSale platform


Our basic verification of a single developer. Developers Government issued identity document checked for fraudulent documents and checked against criminal databases.



Bronze level plus verification of one developer developer interview and whitepaper check.



Our most thorough verification, requiring a minimum of two developers. Bronze and silver levels plus thorough developer interviews, tokenomics review and project feasibility study. Please note: All DXSale and Titan projects must select Gold to list on the DXSale platform. (Processing time is 5 days)



The Nanuqe team worked even on Christmas and managed to process our KYC for two of our team members. Great job! The communication was exceptional, it was a pleasure working with them.
Team Nanuqe has been amazing through our KYC process. The professionalism and timely manner is truly Second to none

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